Build, paint, and animate 3D scenes and characters in VR from scratch using simple shapes. Animo is a frame by frame animation tool, essentially virtual stop-motion. Animate both object transformations and the paint you apply to them to create rich and compelling scenes. This tool is invaluable as a way to intuitively practice the fundamentals of animation without the hassle of a physical stop-motion setup.

Built for mobile platforms, GoPaint encourages you to paint wherever you may be. Use a variety of brushes and tools to flex your creative muscles at home or on the go. Paint on a traditional 2D canvas or an immersive 360° scene.

FDVR (Figure Drawing in Virtual Reality) is the most convenient and cost effective way to develop your figure drawing skills. Design a session by defining pose time and number of poses, then use your virtual charcoal to sketch 3D scanned models in a variety of poses and angles. Save your work and review your progress any time.

Edit 3D curves and surfaces in VR. Curve tool makes prototyping design ideas fast and intuitive. Import reference sketches or create them in-headset, and after your done fleshing out your model, export them for use in other 3D software.